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Class Metrics

Class Name Total Passed Failed Skipped Pass (%)
FunctionalSample 5 2 2 1 40.0

Test Metrics

Total Execution Time: 00:00:27

Class Name Test Name Status Time(s) Error Message
FunctionalSample skippingTest SKIP 0 Method FunctionalSample.skippingTest()[pri:0, instance:com.github.functional.FunctionalSample@5cb9f472] depends on not successfully finished methods
FunctionalSample dataProviderTest ([testuser_1, Test@123]) PASS 5
FunctionalSample passingTest PASS 5
FunctionalSample failingTest FAIL 2 expected [Metrics] but found [TestNG]
FunctionalSample dataProviderTest ([testuser_2, Test@321]) FAIL 5 expected [TestNGMetrics] but found [TestNG]

Method Metrics

Class Name Method Name Status Time(s) Error Message
FunctionalSample afterClass PASS 5
FunctionalSample beforeClass ([testuser_1, Test@123]) PASS 5

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